Microtec Südwest

Industrial image processing

MA micro automation has been developing and supplying industrial image processing solutions ever since this technology found its way into the field of automation. Our range comprises:

  • Smart camera systems:
    low-priced, high-performance equipment comprising autonomous, fully featured software suites and compact hardware
  • PC-based systems:
    flexible, individually configurable systems – either fully automatic for integration into existing manufacturing lines or designed as an off-line testing station
  • Complex AOI systems:
    fully automatic, turnkey system solutions – the perfect combination of industrial image processing and automation technology, based on our many years of experience with complex, customer-specific automation equipment

Typical applications of industrial image processing include the following:

  • component presence and completeness check
  • reading of codes and text on diverse surfaces
  • component dimension measurement
  • surface inspection
  • ....and much more

For reference solutions implemented in real-life industrial applications, refer to …