Optical 3D measuring system

Non-contact 3D data acquisition

  • Light sectioning
  • Calibrated measuring volume

Optical resolution / inspection accuracy
(for a measuring volume of X x Y x Z = 70 mm x 220 mm x 20 mm)

  • Lateral resolution approx. 35 µm, approx. 7.5 µm Standard deviation
  • Height resolution approx. 2 µm, approx. 0.5 µm Standard deviation

Inspection speed

  • Scan frequency between 1 and 2 kHz
  • Scan time approx. 7 s

Do you have any questions about this technology or would you like more detailed information?
Please contact the responsible MA micro automation employee:

MA micro automation GmbH

Gerald Gischas | Opelstraße 1 | 68789 St. Leon-Rot | Germany
T: +49 (0) 62 27 34 12-316 | Mail: gerald.gischas@micro-automation.de


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