Customer-specific solutions

Injection moulding machine

As a further speciality, MA micro automation GmbH develops customer-specific automation solutions for complete extrusion lines for complex metal-plastic connections and MID´s (Moulded Integrated Devices).

Extensive know-how in thermoset and thermoplastic injection moulding technology as well as the integration of upstream and downstream production steps enable a tailor-made overall system. The development and optimisation of processes is part of the scope of services.

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In the application


Airbag connector housing

Fully automatic injection molding of airbag connector housings with integrated contacts and jacks, output: 3,000 parts…


Electronic steering lock housing

Fully automatic injection molding system for an electronic steering lock housing incorporating a complex contact grid, total output…


Cannula assembly

Fully automatic high-performance assembly system for medical cannulas & protective parts (3 variants) with a cycle time of up to 110 components/minute…


SMD inductors

Fully automatic high-performance production line (reel-to-reel) for SMD inductors with a cycle time of up to 5 parts/sec…


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