Production system for POC rapid tests

MA micro automation has developed a highly flexible production system for the manufacturing of Point-of-Care (POC) rapid diagnostic tests. The system can be used to produce multiple product configurations. Development of these systems considered the entire process chain, from plastic molding to QC testing and packaging. As a result, over 30 million tests per year can be produced with one system, in close to normal room conditions.

Product characteristics

  • A dry production environment is required for operation of the production line (clean room not required)
  • Different types of housings and strips can be handled
  • Loose strips can be handled and packaged
  • A Lateral Flow Strip (LFS) feeding machine can be provided
  • Laser or pad labeling of the upper housing parts is integrated in the assembly machine
  • Maximum machine speed
  • Integrated Packaging can be included
  • Flexible platform concept accommodates different types of POC devices
  • Machine can be variably adapted to the production site

The application

Production line POC Antigen Test

Automated Production System for Manufacturing
SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Tests

Automation solution for point-of-care testing

MA micro automation has prioritized the development and deployment of a series machines to produce COVID-19 rapid test devices…


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