is our top priority

Would you like to know which product families are realised on our equipment and our machines? Or which complex projects we have implemented for our customers?

Here you can judge for yourself.
(Note: To maintain confidentiality, some of the product images are only sample images and do not show our customers’ products 1:1)


Disposables – Tips, cups or pipettes

Automation solution for in-vitro diagnostics
Millions of disposables – tips, cups or pipettes –
are needed and used every day for analytical…


Contact lens inspection

Customer-Specific Characteristics
Guarantee of stable processes in lens production, handling, gripper and dosing…


Pen injector

Precise, cleanroom compatible, fully or semi-automatic assembly of a pen injector from a different number of individual parts with a…


Slip-on shaft

Fully automatic high-performance assembly line for slip-on shafts (toothbrush head) with a cycle time of 120 parts per minute…


Automated optical inspection

High Speed AOI System
Inspection of small stamped parts: Punch marks | Scratches | Bends | Edge damage…


High-precision assembly
of optical systems

High-precision positioning with 6 degrees of freedom in the nanoscale for the active assembly…


Cannula assembly

Fully automatic high-performance
assembly system for medical cannulas &
protective parts (3 variants) with a
cycle timeof upto 110 components/minute…


Optical 3D measuring system

Non-contact 3D data acquisition
– Light sectioning
– Calibrated measuring volume…


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